Live Memory Forensics of Mobile Phones


In this paper, we proposed an automated system to perform a live memory forensic analysis for mobile phones. We investigated the dynamic behavior of the mobile phone’s volatile memory, and the analysis is useful in real-time evidence acquisition analysis of communication based applications. Different communication scenarios with varying parameters were investigated. Our experimental results showed that outgoing messages (from the phone) have a higher persistency than the incoming messages. In our experiments, we consistently achieved a 100% evidence acquisition rate with the outgoing messages. For the incoming messages, the acquisition rates ranged from 75.6% to 100%, considering a wide range of varying parameters in different scenarios. Hence, in a more realistic scenario where the parties may occasionally take turns to send messages and consecutively send a few messages, our acquisition can capture most of the data to facilitate further detailed forensic investigation. a 2010 Digital Forensic Research Workshop. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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