Lithium clearance in water immersion-induced natriuresis in humans.

  title={Lithium clearance in water immersion-induced natriuresis in humans.},
  author={Ton J Rabelink and Hein A. Koomans and W. P. H. de Boer and J van Rijn and Evert J Dorhout Mees},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={66 4},
Lithium clearance (CLi) has been advanced as a measure of sodium delivery from the proximal tubules. Because information on the intrarenal effects of water immersion is only limited, and available data are conflicting with respect to the effects on the proximal tubule, we examined the effects of 3 h of water immersion on renal functional parameters, including CLi, in eight healthy subjects. Studies were carried out during maximal water diuresis. Water immersion resulted in a significant… CONTINUE READING