Lithium Diffusion in Graphitic Carbon

  title={Lithium Diffusion in Graphitic Carbon},
  author={Kristin Persson and Vijay A. Sethuraman and Laurence J Hardwick and Yoyo Hinuma and Ying Shirley Meng and A. Van der Ven and Venkat Srinivasan and Robert M. Kostecki and Gerbrand Ceder},
Graphitic carbon is currently considered the state-of-the-artmaterial for the negative electrode in lithium ion cells, mainly due to its high reversibility and low operating potential. However, carbon anodes exhibit mediocre charge/ discharge rate performance, which contributes to severe transport-induced surface structural damage upon prolonged cycling and limits the lifetime of the cell. Lithium bulk diffusion in graphitic carbon is not yet completely understood, partly due to the complexity… CONTINUE READING
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