Lithium Bis(2‐vinylcyclopropyl)cuprate

  title={Lithium Bis(2‐vinylcyclopropyl)cuprate},
  author={J. P. Jun. Marino and David P. Holub},
[61863-88-5] C10H14CuLi (MW 204.73) InChI = 1S/2C5H7.Cu.Li/c2*1-2-5-3-4-5;;/h2*2-3,5H,1,4H2;; InChIKey = XYXPFXNDFKSGGK-UHFFFAOYSA-N (organometallic reagent for the introduction of a vinylcyclopropyl unit via conjugate additions to enones and ynones; useful for the construction of divinylcyclopropane and vinylcyclopropane systems as precursors to 1,3-cycloheptadiene and cyclopentenes, respectively) Solubility: sol THF–ether (2∶1) at −78 °C. Preparative… CONTINUE READING