Literature Review on Quality of Work Life and Their Dimensions


Quality of work life is becoming an imperative issue to achieve the goals of the organization in every sector whether it is education, service sector, banking sector, tourism, manufacturing, etc. Attrition, employees commitment, productivity etc. depend upon the dimensions of Quality of work life i.e. job satisfaction, organizational commitment, reward and recognition, participative management, work life balance, proper grievances handling, welfare facilities, work environment, etc. An organization provides a better QWL then it develops the healthy working environment as well as satisfied employee. High QWL can give a result in better organizational performance, effectiveness, innovativeness, etc. Consequently, to contribute better life for all those peoples whom organizational members serve and with whom they deal and interact. Today, quality of work life also affects the corporate social responsibility. Quality of work life is the corroboration between the employees and their organization it improves the family life as well as work life of the individual. This paper focuses and analyses the literature review on the quality of work life and their dimensions.

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