Literature Review Of Pro Measures Assessing Anticoagulant Therapy.


PCV131 PreferenCes regarding The aTTribuTes Of Oral anTiCOagulanTs in PaTienTs WiTh aTrial fibrillaTiOn resulTs Of a disCreTe ChOiCe exPerimenT Boettger B.1, Thate-Waschke I.M.2, Bauersachs R.3, Kohlmann T.4, Wilke T.5 1IPAM Institut für Pharmakooekonomie und Arzneimittellogistik, Wismar, Germany, 2Bayer Vital GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany, 3Max-Ratschow-Klinik… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.jval.2014.08.1477


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