Literature Review: Yoga Eye Exercise Effect on Visual Acuity

  title={Literature Review: Yoga Eye Exercise Effect on Visual Acuity},
Increased prevalence of myopia has become a worldwide health problem. Progressivity of myopia is increased by digital eye strain. Digital eye strain is a repetitive strain injury and occurs among 70% computer user. Usually it has strain on the extraocular muscle and a decreased of visual acuity. Digital eye strain should be reduced to improve visual acuity. Yoga and eye exercises can improve visual acuity. Goal of this review paper is to know the effect of yoga eye exercise on visual acuity. It… 
Effects of yogic eye exercises for myopia among students
It is concluded that there was change in refractive power in the experimental group after intervention of yogic eye exercises, which suggests that there are clinical benefits of yoga in treating individuals with myopia.


Vision Therapy-Based Program for Myopia Control in Adolescents
A significant improvement of visual acuity is revealed in both right and left eyes indicating that eye exercises as vision therapy-based program could improveVisual acuity for female adolescents with myopia.
Chronological Age and Subjective Perception of Visual Acuity among Myopic Patients Practicing Eye Relaxation
An attempt has been made to device strategies for alleviating myopic vision through a set of eye relaxation practices and indicated significant improvement in the level of visual acuity in all the four age groups.
Effects of yogic eye exercises on eye fatigue in undergraduate nursing students
  • Sang-Dol Kim
  • Education, Medicine
    Journal of physical therapy science
  • 2016
Findings indicate that yogic eye exercises could reduce the eye fatigue score in undergraduate nursing students.
A clinical study on “Computer vision syndrome” and its management with Triphala eye drops and Saptamrita Lauha
Most studies indicate that Video Display Terminal (VDT) operators report more eye related problems than non-VDT office workers, and the causes for the inefficiencies and the visual symptoms are a combination of individual visual problems and poor office ergonomics.
Effect of Various Eye Exercise Techniques along with Pranayama on Visual Reaction Time: A Case Control Study.
The results of this study suggest that simple eye exercises along with pranayama helps in improvement of visual reaction time.
Chinese Eye Exercises and Myopia Development in School Age Children: A Nested Case-control Study
The limited sample size, low dosage and performance quality of Chinese eye exercises in children did not result in statistical significance and require further studies.
Impact of computer technology on health: Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
It is concluded that, as computer users are increasing rapidly, they are at risk of Computer Vision Syndrome, and necessary precautions and care should be exercised to prevent serious impact of CVS on productivity and sustainable economic development of countries in Africa.
Digital Eye Strain Reduction Techniques: A Review
The different the causes for visual fatigue and digital eye strain reduction techniques like usage of optical glass, flicker free screen, color filtering, fuzzy logic based brightness adaption technique, bias lighting screens, optimizing monitor’s color temperature and Auto brightness control of digital screen are discussed.
Effect of Vision Therapy on Accommodation in Myopic Chinese Children
Standardized 12 weeks of OBAVT with home reinforcement is able to significantly reduce monocular lag of accommodation and increase monocular accommodative amplitude and facility.