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Literacy and Social Change : From a Women ' s Perspective

  title={Literacy and Social Change : From a Women ' s Perspective},
  author={Mi Shiknar and I Will Learn and Ujwala Samant},

Adult Literacy Education and Community Development

SUMMARY This article responds to the concern that low-literate community residents often are marginalized in community development processes. They are unable to give voice to their concerns,

Linking Literacy and Community Development: A Case Study of Women in New Orleans

This paper examines the impact of a family literacy program in New Orleans , developed in response to low literacy levels, high drop-out rates, and a corresponding lack of resident participation in

The Challenges of Education in Brazil

i Sumario ii The central issues 1 The origins 6 Missing links: the teaching and academic professions. 16 Recent policies 22 Future policies 25 Conclusion 28 References 30



Politics of knowledge, models of development and literacy

After four decades of crusades against illiteracy, a fully literate society is still beyond reach. Nearly one-third of the world's population over the age of 15 remain illiterate. Unesco projects

The Future of Literacy and the Literacy of the Future

This document contains a synthesis of the debate on the significant developments since 1986 and on the future agenda for li'.eracy education, held at a seminar attended by 40 participants from 21

Women and Society in India

impact of what until now has been available in dog-eared reprints and fading xerox copies will be greater than simply the pleasure arising from the convenience of it all. One student of Indian

Indian Women Through the Ages

Children of the Revolution: A Yankee Teacher in the Cuban Schools

Pedagogy of the oppressed, New York (Herder & Herder) 1970.

Literacy: Reading the Word and the World

Literacy wikipedia, literacy data published by unesco displays that since 1950, the adult literacy rate at the world level has increased by 5 percentage points every decade on average, from 557 per

Persistent Inequalities: Women and World Development

Preface About the Authors Introduction: Irene Tinker: A Context for the Field and for the Book Ester Boserup: Economic Change and the Roles of Women Part One: The Politics of Women in Development:

Women and literacy: A quest for justice