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Literacy and Development: Ethnographic Perspectives

  title={Literacy and Development: Ethnographic Perspectives},
  author={B. Street},
Literacy and Development is a collection of case studies of literacy projects around the world. The contributors present their in-depth studies of everyday uses and meanings of literacy and of the literacy programmes that have been developed to enhance them. Arguing that ethnographic research can and should inform literacy policy in developing countries, the book extends current theory and itself contributes to policy making and programme building. A large cross-section of society is covered… Expand
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Christianity and rural community literacy practices in Uganda
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Applying Earlier Literacy Research in Iran to Current Literacy Theory and Policy
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What can ethnographic studies tell us about the consequences of literacy?
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Changes and Challenges of Literacy Practices: A Case of a Village in Iran
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The complexity of literacy in Kenya: narrative analysis of Maasai women’s experiences
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He has also been active in applying theory to practice, and has been involved in lecture tours, workshops, training programmes and research on this in a number of countries - Australia, USA, S
  • Africa, Canada, etc and is a member of Technical Support teams on current Aid projects in Nepal and S. Africa. He also has connections with a
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