Listeriosis associated with gorgonzola (Italian blue-veined cheese).

  title={Listeriosis associated with gorgonzola (Italian blue-veined cheese).},
  author={Monica Virginia Gianfranceschi and Maria Claudia D'Ottavio and Antonietta Gattuso and Manoochehr Pourshaban and Irene Bertoletti and R Bignazzi and Paolo Manzoni and Marco Marchetti and Paolo Aureli},
  journal={Foodborne pathogens and disease},
  volume={3 2},
We describe a case of listeriosis in Italy associated with the consumption of cheese. Opened samples of two brands of gorgonzola (Italian blue-veined cheese; referred to as brands "B" and "C") were collected from the patient's refrigerator. Unopened samples of the brand suspected to be the source of infection (brand B) were taken from the store where the cheese had been purchased, other local stores, and the production plant. Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2b was isolated from the patient… CONTINUE READING