Listening comprehension in preschoolers: the role of memory.

  title={Listening comprehension in preschoolers: the role of memory.},
  author={Elena Florit and Maja Roch and Gianmarco Alto{\'e} and Maria Chiara Levorato},
  journal={The British journal of developmental psychology},
  volume={27 Pt 4},
The current study analyzed the relationship between text comprehension and memory skills in preschoolers. We were interested in verifying the hypothesis that memory is a specific contributor to listening comprehension in preschool children after controlling for verbal abilities. We were also interested in analyzing the developmental path of the relationship between memory skills and listening comprehension in the age range considered. Forty-four, 4-year-olds (mean age = 4 years and 6 months, SD… CONTINUE READING

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