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Listen up : voices from the next feminist generation

  title={Listen up : voices from the next feminist generation},
  author={Barbara Findlen},
In this new, expanded edition of the acclaimed collection, writers and activists such as Rebecca Walker, Nomy Lamm, and Inga Muscio are joined by Lisa Miya-Jervis, publisher of Bitch; Alison Crews, editor of Girl-Mom; and Daisy Hernandez of Ms. Together, they cover a wide range of topics, from blending careers and feminist politics to the intersection of traditional culture and third-wave sensibilities. " 

The Changing Identity of Feminism in the Third Wave: A Critical Analysis

This thesis examines three texts: Three Black Skirts, The Vagina Monologues, and The Art and Power of Being a Lady to discover the changing identities of women in the third wave movement of feminism.

Mediating third-wave feminism: appropriation as postmodern media practice

In this essay, we explore how sensibilities of third-wave feminism are appropriated by and in the context of postmodern media such that they are commodified, reinscribed, and sold to audiences in an

Isn't It Ironic?: The Intersection of Third-Wave Feminism and Generation X

In this essay, I analyze how gender is constructed and communicated by women popularly associated with and thus representative of Generation X in order to assess the nature of the relationship

Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism (review)

Pindell, Howardena. 1997. The Heart of the Question: The Writings and Paintings of Howardena Pindell. New York: Midmarch Arts Press. ———. 1990. “Covenant of Silence: De Facto Censorship in the Visual

The Personal is Still Political: Embodied Politics in Third Wave Feminism

A close reading of essays by third wave feminists reveals that they privilege embodied politics, which are personal acts that aim to provoke change by exercising and resisting power in local sites.

Third Wave Feminist Undergraduates: Transforming Identities and Redirecting Activism in Response to Institutional Sexism

This article shares the findings from an 18-month qualitative study of a vibrant, feminist student group at one midsized university in the West. Over the course of the study, the attitudes and

A Place at the Table and A Voice in the Hall: "Third Wave" Feminists in the

This article discusses the findings of a survey of junior female academics in Canadian universities designed to help describe a cohort we thought would be linked through self-identification or

The Decentering of Second Wave Feminism and the Rise of the Third Wave

Abstract Third wave feminism is a new discourse for understanding and framing gender relations that arose out of a critique of the second wave. Four major perspectives that share a common focus on

Negotiating Feminist Politics in the Third Wave: Labor Struggle and Solidarity in Live Nude Girls Unite!

This essay examines Live Nude Girls Unite!, a documentary about female exotic dancers' successful efforts to unionize. The film rhetorically exposes an alternative perspective on the ideological


Abstract Accepted as a pro-woman organisation, Singapore's longest established women's association, the Association for Women's Action and Research (AWARE), has operated for 25 years under the