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Lista sistemática de Algas y Fanerógamas de Playa Yuraguanal, Provincia Holguín, Cuba.

  title={Lista sistem{\'a}tica de Algas y Faner{\'o}gamas de Playa Yuraguanal, Provincia Holgu{\'i}n, Cuba.},
  author={Antonio Vega Torres and Carmen R. Zayas Herrera and Frank Oca{\~n}a Borrego and Ana Mar{\'i}a Mart{\'i}n Su{\'a}rez},
Beach in the province of Holguin. The samples were taken in the year 2005, in three biotopes: sea grasses, rocky planes and back reefs, both during dry and rain seasons. 79 species of macro algae were collected and 3 of marine plants. Among the algae, 30 belong to the Phylum Rhodophyta, 18 to the Ochrophyta, and 31 to Chlorophyta. The water plants were Thalassia testudinum Banks & Solander, Syringodium filiforme Kutzing and Halodule wrightii den Hartog. 
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Representatividad de las macroalgas marinas en los herbarios de Cuba/The representation of marine macroalgae in Cuban herbaria

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