List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2019

  title={List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2019},
  author={Matthew Rainbow Hale and Graham Raymond and Catherine Wright},
  journal={The Economic History Review},
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Did Austerity Cause Brexit?
  • T. Fetzer
  • Economics, Political Science
  • American Economic Review
  • 2019
This paper documents a significant association between the exposure of an individual or area to the UK government’s austerity-induced welfare reforms begun in 2010, and the following: the subsequentExpand


Adam Smith’s Labor Theory of (Real) Value
This article provides a rebuttal of Roy H. Grieve’s critique of Peach 2009, “Adam Smith and the Labor Theory of (Real) Value: A Reconsideration.” It is shown that Grieve cannot represent accuratelyExpand
Jools Gilson and Nicola Moffat, eds, Textiles, Community and Controversy: The Knitting Map
opened up an apparently endless supply, and until 1800 beaver fur was the main trade between America and Europe: the 21 million hats made in Britain for export between 1700 and 1770 consumed 60Expand
Post-War Homelessness Policy in the UK
This book discusses homelessness policy in the UK from 1945 to 2019. It identifies five key factors that have driven policy: the favoured explanations for homelessness, distinctions between differentExpand
Recurring Dreams: Mega Events and Traces of Past Futures
Investigating several modern ‘mega events’, including World’s Fairs and Olympic Games, this paper discusses the complex relationship such events and their sites have often had with ‘the future’. SuchExpand
"A Lawful Alarme against ye Prynce": Gabriel Harvey and Vindiciae contra Tyrannos
abstract:A book discovered recently in the National Library of Wales includes Gabriel Harvey's annotations of Vindiciae contra Tyrannos. The title page of this volume calls Vindiciae a rebuttal ofExpand
"A Warre of the Pen": The Force on Parliament and English Polemic, 1646–48
abstract:This essay examines the polemical history of the London apprentices' "Force on Parliament" of July 26, 1647. Despite its relatively minor political impact, the Force took on a profoundExpand
"From Foreign Sources": The Rise and Fall of the Translated Short Story in the Early Years of the Strand Magazine
Frank Newnes, son of George Newnes, once asked newly minted editor Reginald Pound if he knew that “in the beginning [the Strand Magazine’s] short stories came from foreign sources.”1 For a briefExpand