List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2019

  title={List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2019},
  author={Matthew Rainbow Hale and Graham Raymond and Catherine Wright},
  journal={The Economic History Review},
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Did Austerity Cause Brexit?

  • T. Fetzer
  • Economics
    American Economic Review
  • 2019
This paper documents a significant association between the exposure of an individual or area to the UK government’s austerity-induced welfare reforms begun in 2010, and the following: the subsequent

The Devil Is in the Details: Implications of Samuel Bowles’s The Moral Economy for Economics and Policy Research

  • R. Kranton
  • Economics
    Journal of Economic Literature
  • 2019
All economists should buy and read The Moral Economy by Samuel Bowles. The book challenges basic premises of economic theory and questions policies based on monetary incentives. Incentives not only



Jools Gilson and Nicola Moffat, eds, Textiles, Community and Controversy: The Knitting Map

opened up an apparently endless supply, and until 1800 beaver fur was the main trade between America and Europe: the 21 million hats made in Britain for export between 1700 and 1770 consumed 60

Personifying Prehistory

The Bronze Age is frequently framed in social evolutionary terms. Viewed as the period which saw the emergence of social differentiation, the development of long-distance trade, and the

From a silent past to a spoken future. Black women’s voices in the archival process

Abstract In post-colonial societies especially there ‘has been a growing recognition that western archival science and practice reflect and reinforce a privileging of settler/invader/colonist voices

'A garden to every cottage': cottage gardens and the nineteenth-century agricultural labourer

This article considers the economic, social and moral value attached to the gardens of agricultural labourers from c.1830 to c.1910. Its focus is southern England, with a particular emphasis on

Decline and Disparkment: Management Trends in English Deer Parks, 1500-1750

Deer parks have been the subject of much research in recent years, but the bulk of this work has focused on the place of parks in the medieval countryside, rather than their later histories. This

Widows’ Men: The Admiralty Board, Precedent, and Pensions for the Widows of the Lost Franklin Expedition

ABSTRACT When the British Admiralty announced in January, 1854 that it intended to strike the names of the officers of Sir John Franklin's missing polar expedition off the active Navy List, it had

Bull Island: characterization and development of a modern barrier island triggered by human activity in Dublin Bay, Ireland

Bull Island is a 5km long sand spit extending north-eastwards from the North Wall of Dublin Port, and was developed following the construction of the North Wall during the first half of the 19th