List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2018

  title={List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland published in 2018},
  author={Matthew Rainbow Hale and Graham Raymond and Catherine Wright},
  journal={The Economic History Review},


English Women Doctors, Contraception and Family Planning in Transnational Perspective (1930s–70s)
Not only were English medical women active and experienced agents in the family planning movement in England; they also represented a conduit of information and training crucial for French doctors, and transfer of knowledge across the channel was a decisive tool for implementing family planning services in France.
Looking into the Test Tube: The Birth of IVF on British Television
  • K. Dow
  • Political Science
    Medical History
  • 2019
This article explores through the example of a British television documentary about Louise Brown broadcast when she was just six weeks old, ‘To Mrs Brown… A Daughter’ (Thames Television, 1978), how Williams sought to convince the public that IVF was morally acceptable and to cultivate sympathy for the infertile through this film.
Reproductive Politics in Twentieth-Century France and Britain
The border between France and Britain was more porous than is typically apparent from nationally-focused studies: ideas, people and devices travelled in both directions; communication strategies were always able to evade the rule of law and religion loomed large in debates on both sides of the channel.
"Balaam's Asse" Uncovered: New Light on the Politics of Prophetical Exegesis in Mid-Jacobean Britain
abstract:In this essay, Emily Jennings collates the available documentary evidence about the contents, authorship, and reception of "Balaam's Asse," a controversial work of scriptural exegesis
"Imagined Outcomes": Contrasting Patterns of Opportunity, Capability, and Innovation in British Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 1930–1985
Abstract:By the mid-twentieth century in the United Kingdom, musical instrument manufacturing had become an increasingly mechanized activity. Craft skills had been displaced in many areas, yet
"That ye mowe redely fynde . . . what ye desyre": Printed Tables of Contents and Indices, 1476-1550
abstract:How the conventions governing the structure and divisions of codices and the characteristic features of their parts made their way from the scholarly manuscripts of the late medieval period