List Supermodular Coloring with Shorter Lists

  title={List Supermodular Coloring with Shorter Lists},
  author={Yu Yokoi},
  • Yu Yokoi
  • Published 18 July 2017
  • Mathematics
  • Combinatorica
In 1995, Galvin proved that a bipartite graph G admits a list edge coloring if every edge is assigned a color list of length Δ(G) the maximum degree of the graph. This result was improved by Borodin, Kostochka and Woodall, who proved that G still admits a list edge coloring if every edge e=st is assigned a list of max{dG(s);dG(t)} colors. Recently, Iwata and Yokoi provided the list supermodular coloring theorem that extends Galvin's result to the setting of Schrijver's supermodular coloring… 

Supermodular Extension of Vizing's Edge-Coloring Theorem

K˝onig’s edge-coloring theorem for bipartite graphs and Vizing’s edge-coloring theorem for general graphs are celebrated results in graph theory and combinatorial optimization. Schrijver generalized

The b‐bibranching problem: TDI system, packing, and discrete convexity

A linear programming formulation with total dual integrality, a packing theorem, and an M-convex submodular flow formulation for $b-bibranchings are presented, which imply polynomial algorithms for finding a shortest bibranching.



The List Chromatic Index of a Bipartite Multigraph

  • F. Galvin
  • Mathematics
    J. Comb. Theory, Ser. B
  • 1995
This paper generalizes Janssen′s result on complete bipartite graphs Km, n with m ≠ n and answers a question of Dinitz about the list chromatic index.

List Edge and List Total Colourings of Multigraphs

It is proved here that if every edgee=uw of a bipartite multigraphGis assigned a list of at least max{d(u),d(w)} colours, then G can be edge-coloured with each edge receiving a colour from its list.

A Survey on Covering Supermodular Functions

In this survey we present recent advances on problems that can be described as the construction of graphs or hypergraphs that cover certain set functions with supermodular or related properties.

An algorithm for source location in directed graphs

List supermodular coloring, Combinatorica

    Graphok és alkalmazásuk a determinánsok és a halmazok elméletére (Hungarian; Graphs and their application to the theory of determinants and sets)

    • Mathematikai és Természettudományi Értesitő,
    • 1916