Liquid ventilation

  title={Liquid ventilation},
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Liquid Ventilation in the Management of Preterm Infants
The history of clinical and translational research studies of liquid ventilation, with a focus on studies targeting prematurity, is summarized and the areas requiring further study prior to widespread clinical implementation are explored.
Perfluorodecalin‐infused patch in picosecond and Q‐switched laser‐assisted tattoo removal: Safety in Fitzpatrick IV–VI skin types
This work sought to explore the safety and efficacy of using the PFD patch with Q‐Switched and picosecond lasers in Fitzpatrick skin types IV–VI and showed enhanced clearance with picose Cond and Q‐ Switched lasers on blue/black tattoos in Fitzpatrickskin types I–III.
Tunable Polymer Microcapsules for Controlled Release of Therapeutic Gases.
It is demonstrated that prolonged gas release occurs from gas-in-oil PMCs loaded with oxygen and carbon dioxide gas, each of which could have significant clinical applications.
Liquid Ventilation: Current Status