Liquid-phase exfoliation of graphene in organic solvents with addition of naphthalene.

  title={Liquid-phase exfoliation of graphene in organic solvents with addition of naphthalene.},
  author={Jiasheng Xu and Dinh Khoi Dang and Van Tam Tran and Xiaoyang Liu and Jin Suk Chung and Seung Hyun Hur and Won Mook Choi and Eui Jung Kim and Paul A. Kohl},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
We report a facile method for the production of graphene sheets through liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite in organic solvents with addition of naphthalene. The production yield of graphene is significantly increased with the addition of naphthalene in most solvents tested in this work. Naphthalene serves as a "molecular wedge" to intercalate into the edge of graphite, which plays a key role during sonication and significantly improves the production yield of graphene. The graphene… CONTINUE READING

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