Liquid crystals of disc-like molecules

  title={Liquid crystals of disc-like molecules},
  author={Sivaramakrishna Chandrasekhar and B. K. Sadashiva and Kattera A. Suresh},
Thermotropic mesomorphism has been observed in pure compounds consisting of simple disc-like molecules, viz., benzene-hexa-n-alkanoates. Thermodynamic, optical and x-ray studies indicate that the mesophase is a highly ordered lamellar type of liquid crystal. Based on the x-ray data, a structure is proposed in which the discs are stacked one on top of the other in columns that constitute a hexagonal arrangement, but the spacing between the discs in each column is irregular. Thus the structure… 
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Recent studies have established that many compounds composed of disc-shaped molecules exhibit stable thermotropic liquid crystalline phases. They are now referred to as discotic liquid crystals.
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