Liquid crystal phases with unusual structures and physical properties formed by acute-angle bent core molecules

  title={Liquid crystal phases with unusual structures and physical properties formed by acute-angle bent core molecules},
  author={Bing-Xiang Li and Yu. A. Nastishin and Hao Wang and Min Gao and Sathyanarayana Paladugu and Ruipeng Li and Masafumi Fukuto and Quan Li and Sergij V. Shiyanovskii and Oleg D. Lavrentovich},
The work explores liquid crystalline phases formed by acute-angle bent-core molecules. The material shows a very small splay modulus in the uniaxial nematic phase and a tetragonal positionally ordered columnar phase consisting of columns with alternating polar and non-polar packing of molecular pairs. 

From Bend to Splay Dominated Elasticity in Nematics

In the past decade, much evidence has been provided for an unusually low cost for bend deformations in the nematic phase of bent-core mesogens and bimesogens (liquid crystal dimers) having a bent

Melting dislocation transition in composite lithium greases with copper(II) carboxylate mesogenic additives

abstract We propose the theory for the temperature and concentration phase transformations in composite lithium grease doped with the mesogenic additives, copper(II) carboxylates valerate and

Elastic and electro-optical properties of flexible fluorinated dimers with negative dielectric anisotropy

ABSTRACT We report the synthesis and the temperature dependencies of optical, dielectric, and elastic properties of four homologous dimeric mesogens in the uniaxial nematic (N) phase. The studied



The Nematic Phases of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals

This Minireview summarises some recent measurements of the physical properties of bent-core nematic systems, as well as describing some new data, focusing on oxadiazole-based materials as exemplars of this class of nematogens, but also describing some other bent- core systems.

Multistable alignment in free suspended nematic liquid crystal films.

  • V. NazarenkoA. Nych
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 1999
Two different types of orientation were observed in free suspended nematic liquid crystal films, and it was shown that nucleation of defects makes planar orientation preferable.

Splay bend elasticity of a bent-core nematic liquid crystal.

The splay (K11) and bend (K33) elastic constants in the nematic phase of a bent-core liquid crystal are measured and the small K33 is explained on the basis of strong coupling of the bent shape of the molecules with the bend distortion.

Rational Design of Rod‐Like Liquid Crystals Exhibiting Two Nematic Phases

Initial studies into the structure–property relationships that underpin the occurrence of the lower‐temperature nematic phase are presented, and several new materials are reported that exhibit this same transformation.

Unusual Formation of Switchable Hexagonal Columnar Phase by Bent-Shaped Molecules with Low Bent-Angle Naphthalene Central Core and Alkylthio Tail

The low-angle bent-shaped molecules with 1,7-naphthalene central core and alkylthio tails can form a novel hexagonal columnar phase and a dark B4 phase. The columnar phase has a large two-dimensional

Smectic A-hexagonal columnar-B7 phase transition of acute-angle bent-core molecules†

Acute-angle bent-shaped molecules comprising a 1,7-naphthalene central core, alkylthio terminal chains and long side wings comprising three phenyl rings connected by imine and ester linkages were

A nematic to nematic transformation exhibited by a rod-like liquid crystal.

The onset of the lower temperature phase is driven by the formation of antiparallel molecular associations, and the Maier-Meier relationship is applied.

Two-Dimensional Skyrmion Lattice Formation in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Consisting of Highly Bent Banana Molecules.

We synthesized a novel banana-shaped molecule based on a 1,7-naphthalene central core that exhibits a distinct mesomorphism of the nematic-to-nematic phase transition. Both the X-ray profile and

The influence of structure on the elastic, optical and dielectric properties of nematic phases formed from bent-core molecules

The physical properties of the nematic phases formed by four bent-core oxadiazole based materials are reported. In particular, the splay (K11), twist (K22) and bend (K33) elastic constants, the

Unusual temperature dependence of the splay elastic constant of a rodlike nematic liquid crystal doped with a highly kinked bent-core molecule.

We report an unusual temperature dependence of the elastic constants of a rodlike nematic liquid crystal (RLC) mixed with a highly kinked bent-core liquid crystal (BLC). On cooling through the