Liquid crystal elastomer strips as soft crawlers

  title={Liquid crystal elastomer strips as soft crawlers},
  author={Antonio DeSimone and Paolo Gidoni and Giovanni Noselli},
  journal={Journal of The Mechanics and Physics of Solids},

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This paper applies the theory of rate-independent systems to model the locomotion of bio-mimetic soft crawlers. We prove the well-posedness of the approach and illustrate how the various strategies

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In this paper, the two-dimensional pure bending of a hyperelastic substrate coated by a nematic liquid crystal elastomer (abbreviated as NLCE) is studied within the framework of nonlinear elasticity.



Transitions and instabilities in liquid crystal elastomers.

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Solid nematic liquids, formed by cross-linking polymer liquid crystals into elastomers, are shown to display novel and complex elasticity by considering imposed strains and also demonstrate an entirely new nematic phase transition.

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This work proposes two fully non-linear model anisotropic energies for nematic elastomers and their small strain expansions both in the regime of large director rotations, and in the case that director changes are small.

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The main conclusion is that there is no snail theorem, which means that the crawling analog of the scallop theorem of low Reynolds number hydrodynamics does not hold for snail-like crawlers.