Liquid crystal ‘blue phases’ with a wide temperature range

  title={Liquid crystal ‘blue phases’ with a wide temperature range},
  author={Harry J. Coles and Mikhail N. Pivnenko},
Liquid crystal ‘blue phases’ are highly fluid self-assembled three-dimensional cubic defect structures that exist over narrow temperature ranges in highly chiral liquid crystals. The characteristic period of these defects is of the order of the wavelength of visible light, and they give rise to vivid specular reflections that are controllable with external fields. Blue phases may be considered as examples of tuneable photonic crystals with many potential applications. The disadvantage of these… 
‘Blue phases’ of highly chiral thermotropic liquid crystals with a wide range of near-room temperature
The phase transitions of pure cholesteric liquid crystals, based on right- or left-handed chiral dopants (ChDs) (enantiomers R-811 and S-811, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany) with various concentrations
Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases
Blue phases are known to appear in chiral liquid crystals in a small temperature range between the chiral nematic phase and the isotropic one. They are optically active, non-birefringent, and they
Wide temperature range blue phase liquid crystals for displays
We report wide temperature range blue phase liquid crystals for display applications. Systematical analysis of the relationship of dielectric anisotropy value (Δε) and the blue phase liquid crystal
Electro‐Optical Switching in a Blue Phase III Exhibited by a Chiral Liquid Crystal Oligomer
Investigation of chirality in liquid crystals is an exciting area of liquid crystal science. Perhaps frustrated phases induced by chirality are the most interesting phenomena. Blue phase (BP), twist
Monodomain Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Layers for Phase Modulation
It is demonstrated that, under applied voltage, well aligned and oriented layers generate smoother and higher values of the phase shift than inhomogeneous layers, while preserving polarization independency.
Cylindrical defect structures formed by chiral nematic liquid crystals in quasi-one-dimensional systems.
Molecular simulations investigate the CLC phase behavior at the molecular scale for a quasi-one-dimensional (Q1D) nanotube system and discover a self-assembled structure with cylindrical defects rather than lines by introducing a novel local orientation analysis.
Three-dimensional colloidal crystals in liquid crystalline blue phases
It is shown, by means of computer modeling, that colloidal particles can self-assemble into stable, 3D, periodic structures in blue phase LCs, and the colloidal particle configuration is determined by the orientational order of the LC molecules.
Effects of Host Liquid Crystal Composition on the Stability of Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases
The temperature range of blue phase liquid crystal can be extended through the use of polymer stabilization. In this work, the mixing condition for the host liquid crystal mixture containing E8,
Liquid Crystal Oligomers Exhibiting a Blue Phase
Liquid crystal blue phases have a fluid lattice whose structure is stabilized by cubic defects. Blue phases, which are classified as BPIII, BPII and BPI observed on cooling, exist over a small
Material design for blue phase liquid crystals and their electro-optical effects
Liquid-crystalline blue phases have attracted a considerable amount of attention because of their hierarchical phase structures with optical isotropy and because of their application to


Polymer-stabilized liquid crystal blue phases
This work shows the stabilization of blue phases over a temperature range of more than 60 K including room temperature (260–326 K), and demonstrates an electro-optical switching with a response time of the order of 10−4 s for the stabilized blue phases at room temperature.
Electric Field Induced Phase Transitions and Colour Switching in the Blue Phases of Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals
Abstract The phase behavior and electro-optic phenomena observed in a new system of blue phase mixtures have been determined. The mixtures, which include both cyanobiphenyl and chiral ester
Blue phases of cholesteric liquid crystals as thermotropic photonic crystals
  • Etchegoin
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 2000
The study of dye-doped low pitch cholesteric liquid crystals in their blue phases as an example of tunable "weak" photonic crystals is proposed and demonstrated and fluorescence emission of the dyes is shown to be affected by the presence of the blue phases.
Lasing in a three-dimensional photonic crystal of the liquid crystal blue phase II
The first observations of lasing in three-dimensional photonic crystals, in the cholesteric blue phase II are reported, showing that distributed feedback is realized in three dimensions, resulting in almost diffraction-limited lasing with significantly lower thresholds than in one dimension.
Strong flexoelectric behavior in bimesogenic liquid crystals
In this paper, we demonstrate strong flexoelectric coupling in bimesogenic liquid crystals. This strong coupling is determined via the flexoelectro-optic effect in chiral nematic liquid crystals
Chirality in liquid crystals
Chirality has become arguably the most important and complex topic of research in liquid crystals today. The reduced symmetry in these organized phases leads to a variety of novel phase structures,
Blue phases as photonic crystals
The Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases (LC BPs) and their diffraction patterns were investigated experimentally and theoretically. We stabilized Blue Phases and measured their diffraction pattern for
Electro-optic effects in blue phases
Abstract A theory of electro-optic and elasto-optic effects in the blue phases of cholesteric liquid crystals is developed. The case of small structure deformations and a weak field is considered:
The effect of electric fields on blue phases
Abstract An experimental review on electric field effects in blue phases is presented. Electric fields have a profound effect on these phases which appear in chiral liquid crystals. In addition to
Electro-Optical Effects of a Small-Pitch Blue-Phase System
Abstract A system which shows a relatively large blue-phase range is investigated. Owing to the small value of the cholesteric pitch the blue-phase shows no Bragg-reflections in visible light.