Liquid chromatography of short chain carboxylic acids using a glutamic acid surfactant coated C18 stationary phase.

  title={Liquid chromatography of short chain carboxylic acids using a glutamic acid surfactant coated C18 stationary phase.},
  author={Abd al-karim F. Ali and Neil D. Danielson},
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Ion-Exclusion High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of Aliphatic Organic Acids Using a Surfactant-Modified C18 Column.
This study shows that the utility of a C18 column can be easily extended when needed to IELC under either standard or UHPLC conditions.
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Two amino acid‐based (leucine and isoleucine) alkenoxy micelle polymers were employed in this study for the separation of multichiral center‐bearing β‐blockers, nadolol and labetalol and it was found that poly‐L‐SUCIL gives better chiral separation than poly‐ L‐SUCL for both nadoliol andlabetall isomers.