Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena

  title={Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena},
  author={Van P. Carey},
  • V. Carey
  • Published 28 February 2020
  • Physics, Engineering

Flooded Two-Phase Flow Dynamics and Heat Transfer With Engineered Wettability on Microstructured Surfaces

Flooding caused by excessive droplet feeding on heat dissipation area periodically occurs for droplet-based thermal management, including spray cooling and electro-wetting. The conventional highly


  • H. Qiu
  • Physics, Engineering
  • 2014
Multiphase flow and heat transfer in mini/microspaces are of significant interest for thermal management applications, where the latent heat of phase change offers an efficient method to dissipate

Dynamics of vapor bubbles and associated heat transfer in various regimes of boiling

The dynamics of bubble formation during boiling is highly significant considering its influence on the heat transfer rate associated with various applications. Depending on the heat flux, the mode of

Micro/Nano-Scale Phase Change Systems for Thermal Management and Solar Energy Conversion Applications

The first part of the dissertation presents a study that implements micro and nano scale engineered surfaces for enhancement of evaporation and boiling phase change heat transfer in both capillary

Thermodynamic Analysis of Wall Effects on Phase Stability and Homogeneous Nucleation in Nanochannels Containing Superheated Liquid

Rapid heating or sudden depressurization can create highly superheated liquid conditions in stationary or flowing liquid in nanochannels. In these situations, the phase stability of the liquid and

Wetting and Phase-Change Phenomena on Micro / Nano structures for Enhanced Heat Transfer

Micro/nanostructures have been extensively studied to amplify the intrinsic wettability of materials to create superhydrophilic or superhydrophobic surfaces. Such extreme wetting properties can

Micro and Nanostructured Surfaces for Enhanced Phase Change Heat Transfer

  • K. Chu
  • Physics, Engineering
  • 2013
Two-phase microchannel heat sinks are of significant interest for thermal management applications, where the latent heat of vaporization offers an efficient method to dissipate large heat fluxes in a

Single-Phase and Boiling Flow in Microchannels with High Heat Flux

A cooling system for high heat flux applications is examined using microchannel evaporators with water as the working fluid and boiling as the heat transfer mechanism. Experimental studies are