Liquid Exfoliation and Electrochemical Properties of WS₂ Nanosheets.

  title={Liquid Exfoliation and Electrochemical Properties of WS₂ Nanosheets.},
  author={Yu Dai and Lu-Lin Wei and Ming Chen and Jing-jing Wang and Jie Ren and Qiong Wang and Yan-Ze Wu and Yaping Wang and Xiao-nong Cheng and Xue-Hua Yan},
  journal={Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology},
  volume={18 5},
Commercial WS2 powders were exfoliated in sodium dodecyl sulfate solution with a combination of ball-milling and sonication. WS2 nanosheets can be uniformly dispersed in the solution. The layers and thicknesses of WS2 nanosheets could be tailored via changing the ball-milling speed. The effects of the ball-milling speed on crystallinity and morphology of… CONTINUE READING