Liquid–crystalline properties of aqueous suspensions of natural clay nanosheets

  title={Liquid–crystalline properties of aqueous suspensions of natural clay nanosheets},
  author={E. Paineau and A. Philippe and K. Antonova and I. Bihannic and P. Davidson and I. Dozov and Jean-Christophe P Gabriel and M. Imp'eror-Clerc and P. Levitz and F. Meneau and L. Michot},
  journal={Liquid Crystals Reviews},
  pages={110 - 126}
  • E. Paineau, A. Philippe, +8 authors L. Michot
  • Published 2013
  • Materials Science
  • Liquid Crystals Reviews
  • Clay minerals, like beidellite or nontronite, spontaneously exfoliate in water and form colloidal suspensions of nanosheets. In a given range of concentration, these suspensions display a nematic liquid–crystalline phase whose structure and properties can be conveniently studied in detail by polarized-light microscopy and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). Moreover, in situ SAXS investigations of sheared clay suspensions provide information about their flow properties, both in the isotropic… CONTINUE READING
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