Liposuction: contemporary issues for the anesthesiologist.

  title={Liposuction: contemporary issues for the anesthesiologist.},
  author={Ian J Kucera and Thomas J. Lambert and Jeffrey A. Klein and Randy G Watkins and Jason Hoover and Alan D. Kaye},
  journal={Journal of clinical anesthesia},
  volume={18 5},
Liposuction is a procedure that has emerged over the last 30 years as a method to remove subcutaneous fat for cosmetic purposes. Numerous liposuction techniques have been developed and the purpose of this article is to examine one such technique: "tumescent liposuction." Tumescent liposuction involves using large volumes of dilute local anesthetic and epinephrine to facilitate anesthesia and decrease blood loss. Questions remain about the appropriate dose of local anesthetic, the use of general… CONTINUE READING

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