Liposome-like Nanostructures for Drug Delivery.

  title={Liposome-like Nanostructures for Drug Delivery.},
  author={Weiwei Gao and Che-Ming Jack Hu and Ronnie Hongbo Fang and Liangfang Zhang},
  journal={Journal of materials chemistry. B},
  volume={1 48}
Liposomes are a class of well-established drug carriers that have found numerous therapeutic applications. The success of liposomes, together with recent advancements in nanotechnology, has motivated the development of various novel liposome-like nanostructures with improved drug delivery performance. These nanostructures can be categorized into five major varieties, namely: (1) polymer-stabilized liposomes, (2) nanoparticle-stabilized liposomes, (3) core-shell lipid-polymer hybrid… CONTINUE READING


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