Liposomalization of SN-38 as active metabolite of CPT-11.

  title={Liposomalization of SN-38 as active metabolite of CPT-11.},
  author={Yasuyuki Sadzuka and Hiroyuki Takabe and Takashi Sonobe},
  journal={Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society},
  volume={108 2-3},
Although many drugs have been developed for the treatment of disease, some drugs have complications such as adverse effects, and antitumor agents should target tumors or cells more selectively. It is therefore necessary to develop drug delivery systems, and liposomes are reportedly useful as an effective drug carrier. An antitumor agent, CPT-11, inhibits DNA synthesis by the inhibition of topoisomerase1 and has a strong antitumor activity. SN-38 is converted from CPT-11 as an active metabolite… CONTINUE READING