Liposomal nanomedicines: an emerging field.

  title={Liposomal nanomedicines: an emerging field.},
  author={David B. Fenske and Arcadio Chonn and Pieter R Cullis},
  journal={Toxicologic pathology},
  volume={36 1},
Liposomal nanoparticles (LNs) encapsulating therapeutic agents, or liposomal nanomedicines (LNMs), represent one of the most advanced classes of drug delivery systems, with several currently on the market and many more in clinical trials. During the past 20 years, a variety of techniques have been developed for encapsulating both conventional drugs and the new genetic drugs (plasmid DNA-containing therapeutic genes, antisense oligonucleotides, and small, interfering RNA [siRNA]) within LNs… CONTINUE READING