Liposarcoma of the colon.

  title={Liposarcoma of the colon.},
  author={Rowan W. Parks and Fred J Mullan and Hassan M Kamel and Maureen Y Walsh and S. T. D. McKelvey},
  journal={The Ulster Medical Journal},
  pages={111 - 113}
Haemoglobin was 7.3 g/dl with microcytic hypochromic indices. Faecal occult blood tests were positive. Barium enema revealed a polypoid tumour in the colon just proximal to the hepatic flexure (Fig 1). Fine needle aspiration cytology confirmed the presence of a carcinoma in the left breast. Right hemicolectomy and left mastectomy operations were performed. There was no clinical, operative or radiological evidence of primary tumour at any other site.