Lipoprotein oxidation and lipoprotein-induced cytotoxicity.

  title={Lipoprotein oxidation and lipoprotein-induced cytotoxicity.},
  author={Jack R Hessler and Diane W. Morel and L. James Lewis and Guy M. Chisolm},
  volume={3 3},
The results of this study indicate that when human VLDL or LDL is prepared under conditions allowing oxidation, such oxidation renders the molecular complexes highly toxic to human skin fibroblasts growing in culture. The cytotoxicity can be predicted by assaying for the presence of thiobarbituric acid-reacting substances on the lipoprotein. However, malondialdehyde, which reacts with thiobarbituric acid and is known to be injurious to cells, was not cytotoxic in the same experimental system… CONTINUE READING