Lipoprotein(a) in patients with acute cerebral ischemia.

  title={Lipoprotein(a) in patients with acute cerebral ischemia.},
  author={Fop van Kooten and J van Krimpen and Diederik W. J. Dippel and Nicoline Hoogerbrugge and Peter J Koudstaal},
  volume={27 7},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In several cross-sectional studies, a high serum lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] level was found to be an independent risk factor for cerebral infarction. In a recent prospective study, however, no association was found between Lp(a) levels at baseline and future risk of stroke. Whether Lp(a) is a prognostic factor in a high-risk population of patients with acute ischemic stroke remains unclear. METHODS We assessed Lp(a) level on admission to study its relationship with… CONTINUE READING