Lipopolysaccharide induces synthesis of mouse colony-stimulating factor-1 in vivo.

  title={Lipopolysaccharide induces synthesis of mouse colony-stimulating factor-1 in vivo.},
  author={Patrick Roth and Anna Bartocci and E Richard Stanley},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={158 8},
CSF-1 is a hemopoietic growth factor that regulates the survival, proliferation, and differentiation of mononuclear phagocytes, cells that are critical in the inflammatory response. In the case of Gram-negative infection, LPS plays an important role by inducing several cell types to produce the proinflammatory cytokines, IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-alpha. In this study, we examined the effects of i.p. administration of LPS on CSF-1 expression in the mouse. Two- to sevenfold increases in the CSF-1… CONTINUE READING


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