Lipopolysaccharide increases endogenous morphine levels in rat brain.


The present study was designed to determine whether whole body injection of lipopolysaccharide increases endogenous rat brain morphine levels. High performance liquid chromatography coupled to electrochemical detection and gas-chromatography mass spectrometry reveal that the resting brain morphine level is 7.0+/-3.2ng/g wet weight. In a time dependent… (More)


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@article{Goumon2000LipopolysaccharideIE, title={Lipopolysaccharide increases endogenous morphine levels in rat brain.}, author={Yannick Goumon and S{\'e}bastien Bouret and Federico M Casares and Wei Zhu and J C Beauvillain and George B. Stefano}, journal={Neuroscience letters}, year={2000}, volume={293 2}, pages={135-8} }