Lipopolysaccharide complexed with soluble CD14 binds to normal human monocytes.

  title={Lipopolysaccharide complexed with soluble CD14 binds to normal human monocytes.},
  author={Catherine Blondin and Annick Le Dur and B{\'e}atrice Cholley and Martine Caroff and Nicole Haeffner-Cavaillon},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={27 12},
Using flow cytometry we have compared the binding of Neisseria meningitidis lipopolysaccharide labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC-LPS) to normal human monocytes in whole blood with the binding to chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells transfected with human CD14 gene (hCD14-CHO cells). Binding of FITC-LPS to cells was dose dependent, saturable and enhanced in the presence of increasing concentrations of serum. Blockade of membrane CD14 with saturating concentrations of anti-CD14… CONTINUE READING


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