Lipoperoxidation is selectively involved in progressive supranuclear palsy.

  title={Lipoperoxidation is selectively involved in progressive supranuclear palsy.},
  author={Patrizio R Odetti and Silvano Garibaldi and R Norese and Giovanna Angelini and Lucio Marinelli and Sabina Valentini and Stefano Menini and Nicola Traverso and Damiano Zaccheo and Sandra Siedlak and George Perry and Mark A. Smith and Massimo Tabaton},
  journal={Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology},
  volume={59 5},
Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by extensive neurofibrillary tangle (NFT) formation and neuronal loss in selective neuronal populations. Currently, no clues to the biological events underlying the pathological process have emerged. In Alzheimer disease (AD), which shares with PSP the occurrence of NFTs, advanced glycation end products (AGEs) as well as oxidation adducts have been found to be increased in association with neurofibrillary… CONTINUE READING