Lipopeptide-polyoxyethylene conjugates as mitogens and adjuvants.

  title={Lipopeptide-polyoxyethylene conjugates as mitogens and adjuvants.},
  author={Bruce L. Kleine and Wolfgang Rapp and K H Wiesm{\"u}ller and Mark G. Edinger and Werner Beck and Jochen H Metzger and R Ataulakhanov and Guenther Jung and Wolfgang Bessler},
  volume={190 1-2},
Two lipopeptide analogues of the Escherichia coli lipoprotein rendered water-soluble by polyoxyethylene were tested for mitogenicity in vitro in murine and human B lymphocytes and for adjuvant activity in vivo in mice. These highly amphiphilic lipopeptides retained the biological activity other lipopeptides usually exerted which supports the hypothesis of specific interactions of lipopeptides with membranes of reactive cells. The activation of human B lymphocytes by these lipopeptides was much… CONTINUE READING
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