Lipoma removal using a high‐frequency ultrasound‐guided injection of a Class III CE‐marked device—Empirical findings

  title={Lipoma removal using a high‐frequency ultrasound‐guided injection of a Class III CE‐marked device—Empirical findings},
  author={Robert Krzysztof Mlosek and S Malinowska and Witold Woźniak},
  journal={Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology},
  pages={469 - 473}
BACKGROUND Lipomas are very common benign neoplasms, which constitute 99% of all adipose-derived tumors. [] Key MethodMETHODS A total of 17 lipomas were treated. The procedure involved a high-frequency ultrasound-guided injection. A maximum of 3 injections per a lipoma were performed. High-frequency ultrasound was used for assessing the size of lipomas and monitoring treatment-induced changes to the lipomas and adjacent tissue. RESULTS Response to treatment was achieved in all cases.
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