Lipolytic effect of beta-endorphin in human fat cells.

  title={Lipolytic effect of beta-endorphin in human fat cells.},
  author={Roberto Vettor and Claudio Pagano and Roberto Fabris and A M Lombardi and Cinzia Macor and Giovanni Federspil},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={52 7},
Recently, a role of beta-Endorphin on peripheral tissue metabolism has been suggested. A lipolytic effect of beta-Endorphin has been observed both in vivo and in vitro in animals but, at present, there is no evidence for a similar effect in humans. In this study, we investigated the lipolytic effect of beta-Endorphin in isolated human adipocytes. beta-Endorphin induced a significant increase in glycerol release in isolated human fat cells. Naloxone was able to inhibit the beta-Endorphin-induced… CONTINUE READING

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