Lipohyperplasia of the Ileocecal Valve Mimicking Malignant Neoplasm on CT: A Case Report

  title={Lipohyperplasia of the Ileocecal Valve Mimicking Malignant Neoplasm on CT: A Case Report},
  author={Hyo Sung Kwak and Jeong Min Lee and Woo Sung Moon and S.-H. Kang and Joug-Deok Lee},
  journal={Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology},
We report a case in which CT scanning revealed lipohyperplasia of the ileocecal (IC) valve and cecum with acute inflammation and ulceration mimicking malignant neoplasm. At unenhanced CT lesion attenuation was lower than that of back muscle, and at contrast-enhanced CT, the lesion was seen as a lobulated polypoid mass with inhomogeneous enhancement, pericecal fat infiltration, and pericecal Iymphadenopathy. Although these findings mimick those of malignant neoplasm, the typical location of the… 


[Lipomatosis of the ileocecal valve].
Coloscopy with biopsy is the method of choice in assuring proper diagnosis of Lipomatosis of the ileocecal valve because radiology cannot recognize the disease with certainty.
Lipohyperplasia of ileocecal valve, causing recurrent intussusception.
The clinical and pathological findings of Lipohyperplasia of the ileocecal valve are described in a patient who had recurrent bouts of intussusception over a period of seven years, causing gastrointestinal symptoms and a palpable mass, eventually requiring surgical treatment.
Roentgen-anatomical studies of the normal ileocecal valve.
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The principles for diagnosing colorectal neoplasms on double-contrast images and the spectrum of findings associated with these lesions are reviewed.
Lipohyperplasia of the ileocecal region
  • Acta Chir Scand
  • 1974
Lipohyperplasia of the ileocecal valve.
Roentgenological examination and evaluation of the ileocecal valve.