Lipofibromatosis: report of a rare paediatric soft tissue tumour

  title={Lipofibromatosis: report of a rare paediatric soft tissue tumour},
  author={Akkihebbal N Deepti and V. Veena Madhuri and Noel Malcolm Walter and R. A. Cherian},
  journal={Skeletal Radiology},
The clinical, radiological and pathological features of a case of lipofibromatosis, a rare paediatric soft tissue neoplasm, are described. The tumour involved the foot of a male infant and was present at birth. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a lipomatous mass, with splaying of muscles of the sole by lobules of fat. Histopathological examination revealed typical findings of an admixture of mature adipose tissue and fibroblastic elements. The radiological and pathological features helpful in… CONTINUE READING