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Lipodistrofia ginecoide (celulitis)

  title={Lipodistrofia ginecoide (celulitis)},
  author={Josefina De Pe{\~n}a and Mauricio Hern{\'a}ndez-P{\'e}rez},
Cellulite is a cosmetic term used for areas of the skin that appear like an «orange peel» due to underlying fat deposits. These fat deposits occur on the thighs, buttocks, and hips of slim or overweight women. Formation can begin as early as puberty but it is most evident in women over 30. Rarely, men have cellulite because their adipose tissue is structured differently; connective tissue connects the skin to the underlying muscle. In women, fat storage depots are located under the skin in… 

Evidence‐based treatment for gynoid lipodystrophy: A review of the recent literature

A panel of experts from different specialties involved in the management of this clinical skin disorder presents the results of a systematic literature search and of the consensus discussion of the evidence obtained from different treatments currently available.

Análise dos efeitos do ultrassom terapêutico e da eletrolipoforese nas alterações decorrentes do fibroedema geloide

The effects of therapeutic ultrasound (TUS) and eletrolipoforese in the treatment of changes caused by fibroedema geloid are evaluated to evaluate the effects of these therapies on the emotional integrity of the individual.

Massage and physical activities in case of edemato-fibro sclerotic panniculopaty at the Primary Health Care

La PEFE tiene una etiología compleja e imprecisa, y es indispensable un estilo of vida saludable, donde primen los ejercicios físicos aeróbicos y el masaje.

Lasers, Lights and Other Technologies

  • M. IssaB. Tamura
  • Biology
    Clinical Approaches and Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology
  • 2018
The aim of this chapter is to provide a better understanding of the best known light tools used in modern medicine, such as laser, intense pulsed light, the advent of fractional systems, radio frequency, and hybrid systems, how they work, how to select which device will be better for your application, and how light and RF interact with the skin.



Treatment of cellulite deformities of the thighs with topical aminophylline gel

Early reports of the use of topical aminophylline/theophyLLine gel have shown pleasing improvements in the texture of the skin as early as three weeks after application.

The Bio-Actif α/Y in the Treatment of Cellulite

Bio-actif α/Y seems to be useful in the treatment of cellulite and there was clinical improvement in the cellulite appearance and a reduction in both thigh circumference and thickness of adipose tissue as measured by ultrasonography.

Quantitative model of cellulite: three-dimensional skin surface topography, biophysical characterization, and relationship to human perception.

Comparison of the parameters for females and males further suggest that percent thigh fat and surface area roughness deviation are the distinguishing features of cellulite.

Aminophylline for Cellulite Removal

The data supporting the safety and efficacy of aminophylline thigh cream are limited by small patient populations and incomplete disclosure of methods. The studies are well designed and the

Endermologie (LPG): Does It Work?

  • P. Fodor
  • Medicine
    Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • 1997
My personal interest in Endermologie centers around the concept of combining LPG treatments with Lipoplasty, with the dual aim of accelerating recovery and lessening post-surgical surface irregularities.

Noninvasive Mechanical Body Contouring: A Preliminary Clinical Outcome Study

A study to determine the safety and efficacy of L.P.G. Endermologie, a massage method in use in France as an alternative method for altering fat distribution in the subcutaneous plane, on women between the ages of 24 and 48.

Noninvasive Mechanical Body Contouring: (Endermologie) A One-Year Clinical Outcome Study Update

A decrease in mean body circumference index was seen regardless of loss or gain in patients' weight in most cases, and the authors have continued their study of determining the safety and efficacy of this machine.

Impaired regulation of adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase in obesity.

In obese and normal-weight rats, LPL activities and regulation differed markedly, indicating that factors other than insulin are also involved in the dysregulation of LPL activity in obesity.

Anatomy and physiology of subcutaneous adipose tissue by in vivo magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy: Relationships with sex and presence of cellulite

  • B. QuerleuxC. CornillonO. JolivetJ. Bittoun
  • Medicine
    Skin research and technology : official journal of International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin (ISBS) [and] International Society for Digital Imaging of Skin (ISDIS) [and] International Society for Skin Imaging
  • 2002
This poster focuses on subcutaneous adipose tissue and cellulite, and investigates its role in the build-up of fat in the insides of the legs and buttocks.