Lipids in the progression of chronic renal failure.

  title={Lipids in the progression of chronic renal failure.},
  author={Paolo Cappelli and Maurizio Evangelista and Mario Bonomini and Phoebe Palmieri and Alberto Albertazzi},
  volume={62 1},
Lipid disturbances have been linked to the progression of chronic renal disease. We examined 52 patients with a creatinine clearance (CCr) of 38.5 +/- 7.9 ml/min due to various nephropathies, on free diet. Bimonthly, over a 12-month period, we assessed: serum creatinine (Cr); CCr; daily urinary urea excretion; urinary protein excretion per unit of residual renal function (UProt/CCr); total, HDL, VLDL and LDL cholesterol; triglycerides; Apo A, Apo B. Chronic renal failure was progressive in 22… CONTINUE READING