Lipids in human parotid saliva with regard to caries experience.

  title={Lipids in human parotid saliva with regard to caries experience.},
  author={Yumiko Tomita and Nahoko Miyake and Sumie Yamanaka},
  journal={Journal of oleo science},
  volume={57 2},
It has been reported that saliva may play an important role in the prevention and development of enamel caries and that both lipids and protein contents in saliva may be relevant to this role. This study examined the lipid and protein levels in saliva from individuals differing in caries experience. Female subjects (20 to 21 years old) were used divided equally into two groups, caries-susceptible group (CSG) and caries-resistant group (CRG). Stimulated parotid saliva and stimulated whole saliva… CONTINUE READING


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