Lipid hydroperoxide levels in plant tissues.

  title={Lipid hydroperoxide levels in plant tissues.},
  author={Gareth Griffiths and Michael K. Leverentz and Helena Silkowski and Navkiran Gill and Jos{\'e} Juan S{\'a}nchez-Serrano},
  journal={Journal of experimental botany},
  volume={51 349},
Hydroperoxides are the primary oxygenated products of polyunsaturated fatty acids and are key intermediates in the octadecanoid signalling pathway in plants. Lipid hydroperoxides (LHPO) were determined spectrophotometrically based on their reaction with an excess of Fe(2+)at low pH in the presence of the dye xylenol orange. Triphenylphosphine-mediated hydroxide formation was used to authenticate the signal generated by the hydroperoxides. The method readily detected lipid peroxidation in… CONTINUE READING


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