Lipase production by free and immobilized protoplasts of Sporotrichum (Chrysosporium) thermophile Apinis

  title={Lipase production by free and immobilized protoplasts of Sporotrichum (Chrysosporium) thermophile Apinis},
  author={Bhavdish Narayan Johri and J. D. Alurralde and J{\"u}rgen Klein},
  journal={Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology},
Production of lipase by free and alginate-entrapped protoplasts was studied in batch culture. Cell-wall-degrading enzymes Novozym 234 and cellulase CP improved lipase secretion of normal mycelium by 25%–100%. The protoplast-regenerated mycelium exhibited several-fold higher lipase activity in batch replacements in TRIS buffer over normal spore-derived mycelium. The specific lipase activity of immobilized protoplasts was about four times higher than normal mycelial beads. Protoplasts beads were… CONTINUE READING


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