Liouville quantum gravity on complex tori

  title={Liouville quantum gravity on complex tori},
  author={Franccois David and R{\'e}mi Rhodes and Vincent Vargas},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
In this paper, we construct Liouville Quantum Field Theory (LQFT) on the toroidal topology in the spirit of the 1981 seminal work by Polyakov [Phys. Lett. B 103, 207 (1981)]. Our approach follows the construction carried out by the authors together with Kupiainen in the case of the Riemann sphere [“Liouville quantum gravity on the Riemann sphere,” e-print arXiv:1410.7318]. The difference is here that the moduli space for complex tori is non-trivial. Modular properties of LQFT are thus… 

Liouville quantum gravity on the annulus

  • G. Remy
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • 2018
In this work we construct Liouville quantum gravity on an annulus in the complex plane. This construction is aimed at providing a rigorous mathematical framework to the work of theoretical physicists

J ul 2 01 8 Liouville quantum gravity on the annulus

In this work we construct Liouville quantum gravity on an annulus in the complex plane. This construction is aimed at providing a rigorous mathematical framework to the work of theoretical physicists


  • Jason Miller
  • Mathematics, Physics
    Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2018)
  • 2019
Over the past few decades, two natural random surface models have emerged within physics and mathematics. The first is Liouville quantum gravity, which has its roots in string theory and conformal

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The Fyodorov–Bouchaud formula and Liouville conformal field theory

  • G. Remy
  • Mathematics
    Duke Mathematical Journal
  • 2020
In a remarkable paper in 2008, Fyodorov and Bouchaud conjectured an exact formula for the density of the total mass of (sub-critical) Gaussian multiplicative chaos (GMC) associated to the Gaussian

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In this paper we study ensembles of finite real spectral triples equipped with a path integral over the space of possible Dirac operators. In the noncommutative geometric setting of spectral triples,



Liouville Quantum Gravity on the Riemann Sphere

In this paper, we rigorously construct Liouville Quantum Field Theory on the Riemann sphere introduced in the 1981 seminal work by Polyakov. We establish some of its fundamental properties like

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Quantum Geometry of Bosonic Strings