Linkset Quality Assessment for the Thesaurus Framework LusTRE

  title={Linkset Quality Assessment for the Thesaurus Framework LusTRE},
  author={Riccardo Albertoni and Monica De Martino and Paola Podest{\`a}},
Recently a great number of controlled vocabularies (e.g., thesauri) covering several domains and shared by different communities, have been published and interlinked using the Linked Data paradigm. Remarkable efforts have been spent from data producers to make their thesauri compliant with Linked Data requirements both for the content encoding and for the connections (aka, linkset) with others thesauri. Also in our experience in the creation of the framework of multilingual linked thesauri for… 

Quality measures for skos: ExactMatch linksets: an application to the thesaurus framework LusTRE

The cross-walking measures deepen the cardinality-based measures analysing quality facets that were not previously considered, and the actual value of LusTRE’s linksets regarding the improvement of multilingualism and concept spaces is assessed.

LigADOS: Interlinking Datasets in Open Data Portal Platforms on the Semantic Web

LigADOS is an approach to create interconnections between datasets considering their content and related metadata based on the principles of the Semantic Web and associated linked data solutions and technologies, to support rich access strategies to RDF data published using portal platforms like CKAN and others.

CEDAL: time-efficient detection of erroneous links in large-scale link repositories

This work presents a time-efficient and complete approach for the detection of erroneous links for properties that are transitive on the Linked Data Web and shows that these implementations are up to two orders of magnitude faster than classical reasoners and a non-parallel implementation.

LusTRE: a framework of linked environmental thesauri for metadata management

A Linked Thesaurus Framework for the Environment, named LusTRE, is illustrated to facilitate data sharing across different environmental disciplines and to show how interlinked content can help users to more easily express metadata within Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI).



A Linkset Quality Metric Measuring Multilingual Gain in SKOS Thesauri

A first linkset quality measure proposing a function able to estimate the new information gained through linksets among SKOS thesauri, and how the linkset importing can be significantly used in the context of the EU project eENVplus is presented.

Assessing Linked Data Mappings Using Network Measures

This paper presents LINK-QA, an extensible framework that allows for the assessment of Linked Data mappings using network metrics and test five metrics using this framework on a set of known good and bad links generated by a common mapping system, and shows the behaviour of those metrics.

Latest Developments of the Linked Thesaurus Framework for the Environment (LusTRE)

The Thesaurus Exploitation services designed and implemented for LusTRE and their integration with existing metadata editors and SDI geoportals are presented.

Quality assessment for Linked Data: A Survey

A systematic review of approaches for assessing the quality of Linked Data, which unify and formalize commonly used terminologies across papers related to data quality and provides a comprehensive list of 18 quality dimensions and 69 metrics.

User-driven quality evaluation of DBpedia

This study aims to assess the quality of this sample of DBpedia resources and adopt an agile methodology to improve the quality in future versions by regularly providing feedback to the DBpedia maintainers.

Assessing linkset quality for complementing third-party datasets

The paper formally defines novel scoring functions and proposes an interpretation of these functions when maintaining and complementing third party datasets and focuses on completeness.

Quality Assessment for Linked Open Data : A Survey A Systematic Literature Review and Conceptual Framework

A systematic review of approaches for assessing the quality of LOD is presented, which unify and formalize commonly used terminologies across papers related to data quality and provide a comprehensive list of the dimensions and metrics.

Assessing and Improving the Quality of SKOS Vocabularies

In an analysis of a representative set of 24 SKOS vocabularies, it is found all of them to contain structural errors and/or other quality problems, and proposes a set of correction heuristics which are used to automatically correct a significant proportion of the identified problems.

EARTh: An Environmental Application Reference Thesaurus in the Linked Open Data cloud

The paper illustrates the main characteristics ofEARTh as a guide to its usage and clarifies the methodology adopted to define the EARTh content, the design and technological choices made when publishing EARTh as Linked Data; and the information pertaining to its access and maintenance.

Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space

This Synthesis lecture provides readers with a detailed technical introduction to Linked Data, including coverage of relevant aspects of Web architecture, as the basis for application development, research or further study.