Linkless embeddings of graphs in 3-space

  title={Linkless embeddings of graphs in 3-space},
  author={Neil Robertson and Paul D. Seymour and Robin Thomas},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
We announce results about flat (linkless) embeddings of graphs in 3-space. A piecewise-linear embedding of a graph in 3-space is called flat if every circuit of the graph bounds a disk disjoint from the rest of the graph. We have shown: (i) An embedding is flat if and only if the fundamental group of the complement in 3-space of the embedding of every subgraph is free. (ii) If two lat embeddings of the same graph are not ambient isotopic, then they differ on a subdivision of K 5 or K 3,3 . (iii… 

Two analogs of intrinsically linked graphs

A graph G is intrinsically S 1 -linked if for every embedding of the vertices of G into S 1 , vertices that form the endpoints of two disjoint edges in G form a non-split link in the embedding. We

Embedding products of graphs into Euclidean spaces

For any collection of graphs we find the minimal dimension d such that the product of these graphs is embeddable into the d-dimensional Euclidean space. In particular, we prove that the n-th powers

Graphs with ( Edge ) Disjoint Links in Every Spatial Embedding

We describe some characteristics of graphs with (edge) disjoint pairs of links in every spatial embedding. In particular, we show the smallest complete graphs that contain pairs of non-splittable

Surveys in Combinatorics, 1999: Recent Excluded Minor Theorems for Graphs

A graph is a minor of another if the first can be obtained from a subgraph of the second by contracting edges. An excluded minor theorem describes the structure of graphs with no minor isomorphic to

The Complement Problem for Linklessly Embeddable Graphs

. We find all maximal linklessly embeddable graphs of order up to 11, and verify that for every graph G of order 11 either G or its complement cG is intrinsically linked. We give an example of a graph


We exhibit a graph, G12, that in every spatial embedding has a pair of non-splittable 2 component links sharing no vertices or edges. Surprisingly, G12 does not contain two disjoint copies of graphs

On n-panelled spatial graphs , n-flat graphs and graph minors ∗

Let G be a finite graph. We consider G as a topological space in the usual way. A subgraph γ of G is called a cycle if it is homeomorphic to the 1-sphere. We denote the set of all cycles of G by

Intrinsically spherical 3-linked graphs

We exhibit several families of planar graphs that are minor-minimal intrinsically spherical 3-linked. A graph is intrinsically spherical 3-linked if it is planar graph that has, in every spherical

Trivial Cycles in Graphs Embedded in 3-Manifolds

A cycle C of a graph Γ embedded in a 3-manifold M is said to be trivial in Γ if it bounds a disk with interior disjoint from Γ. Let e be an edge of Γ with ends on C. We will study the relation

Constructions stemming from non-separating planar graphs and their Colin de Verdi\`ere invariant

A planar graph G is said to be non-separating if there exists an embedding of G in R such that for any cycle C ⊂ G, all vertices of G \ C are within the same connected component of R\C. Dehkordi and



On planarity of graphs in 3-manifolds

A graph Γ in a 3-manifold M is called planar if it is contained in an embedded 2-sphere in M . It is abstractly planar if it can be embedded into an abstract 2-sphere. In [3] Scharlemann and Thompson

Constructive results from graph minors: linkless embeddings

A small set of forbidden minors for linkless embeddable graphs is exhibited, and it is shown that any graph with these minors cannot be embedded without linked cycles, and an O(n/sup 3/) algorithm for the decision problem is demonstrated.

On the Group of All Homeomorphisms of a Manifold.

Introduction. It is shown in this paper that the identity component of the group G(M) of all homeomorphisms-of a closed manifold of dimension <3 is (1) simple in the algebraic sense; (2) equal to the

A note on primitive skew curves

By a primitive skew curve of type I we mean any topological image of the complex C which consists of two groups of three vertices each and nine 1-cells, in a fashion that each vertex of one group

Knots and links in spatial graphs

It is shown that any embedding of K7 in three-dimensional euclidean space contains a knotted cycle and that any embedded cycle of K6 contains a pair of disjoint cycles which are homologically linked.

On spatial representation of finite graphs (Proceedings of a conference held in Lagów

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2-Isomorphic Graphs

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